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Taylor-Roman Photography

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Knoxville, Tennessee


Boutique-style portrait studio that includes professional hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling in every session

The Problem

Taylor-Roman had a website built a few years ago but never quite finished it. Some images wouldn’t load properly, and the page load time was huge.

    The Solution

    We implemented a list of performance-enhancing tasks, including:

    • Transfer from an economy shared hosting account to a high-performance cloud server located 3 hours from the studio.
    • Install advanced caching methods to speed up performance and load time.
    • Install a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to improve performance.
    • Resolved the image loading issue so all photographs on the site now load promptly and properly.
    • Fixed some issues on the Blog.
    • Trained an employee to add new posts to the Blog.
    • We now host and manage the website as part of our Website Care Service to ensure the website’s performance now and into the future.

    Speed Test Before Pioneer Media

    4.2 Seconds Load Time

    Taylor Roman Speed Test Before

    Speed Test After Pioneer Media

    918 Millisecond Load Time

    Taylor Roman Speed Test After

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