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About the Design

TestExpress hired Pioneer Media to take over their website, update some parts of it, and manage the website and shopping cart. The osCommerce shopping cart has required a lot of work to get it working properly. Recently, Pioneer Media has been asked to modernize the code and layout. We are implementing an HTML5 layout with CSS3 styling. Pioneer Media has worked with TestExpress through phone calls and emails for many years and has built a strong relationship with the online company. All update requests are fulfilled as soon as possible. The website and the eCommerce site are powered by a database. Pioneer Media actively provides management services for TestExpress, Inc.


Client Testimonial

“Leighton, has proven himself time & time again, I have used his web services many times and will continue to do so. Always punctual, with fast answers and quick results. Its always enjoyable to use him on my web projects and Computer fixes. I thank him and would recommend him to all.”

F. Ford Beach, Jr.
CEO, Test Express, Inc.

Project Details

Location: United States

Website: http://www.TestExpressInc.com

Company Description
Test Express, Inc. provides on site drug testing kits with instant results. Test Express carries hair test hair follicle testing kits, saliva screen saliva test kits, TestExpress durg tests, Assistant Lite drug program management software, BreathScan® alcohol detector tests, and more. Test Express also has DNA on site test kits and DNA test for paternity.

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