Modern HTML5 Sites in Knoxville, TN

HTML5 is the future backbone of the web. HTML5 is open, which means it is not tied to a certain browser, computer, or device. Features built with the HTML5 web technology work on all modern devices, regardless of the screen size. HTML5 can do what used to only be possible with Adobe Flash, which doesn’t work well, if at all, on all devices. Animations, gradients, shading, videos, and much more are a breeze with HTML5 and CSS3, two technologies you need to future-proof your website. While many developers are jumping on the bandwagon, countless others are being left in the dust because they aren’t keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing web. Don’t leave your business’s precious website in the hands of these old-fashioned website companies. Trust Pioneer Media bring your online presence into the future.

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