Website Ownership Tip #2: SSL Security

by October 1, 2021

So if you own a website, or you’re a builder of websites, here’s today’s tip. Have you ever tried to visit a website but got a popup that said the website, or the form, was NOT SECURE? Did that fill you with confidence in the company that runs the website? Nope. Insecure websites don’t just look bad from a publicity standpoint, but those sites could easily get hacked and cost the company thousands of dollars.

What is an easy way to resolve this? An SSL certificate!

These encrypt your website’s traffic and insert that padlock SECURE icon next to your domain name.

They’re easy to install, cheap (just a few dollars a year, if not free), and will also give a small boost to your search engine rankings! Who doesn’t love that?!

Today’s exercise is this: verify that your website is SSL-secure. If it is not, contact Pioneer Media to secure your website today! 

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