Have you seen catchy, engaging videos on the homepage of your competitors’ websites and ads? Want one for yourself but don’t know where to begin or can’t justify spending thousands of dollars on a video production or motion graphics firm? We can solve your problem!

We are excited to announce a new service: Animated Introductory Videos and Video Business Cards. Need an example? Check out the video below to see what we animated for ourselves:

Example Introductory Video from Pioneer Media:

Benefits & Highlights:

  • Brief— The video is only 60 seconds, long enough to tell a story but short enough to keep people’s attention.
  • Exciting— The video is fluidly animated, and transitions are seamless.
  • Music— Upbeat music keeps people in a good mood and moves the video along.
  • Minimalistic— Each slide contains a simple icon/graphic and message. There isn’t an overload of information to confuse watchers.
  • Call To Action— The final slides contain a call to action, company logo and contact information.
  • Shareable— Videos make excellent posts on social media. Statistics show these get viewed and shared more than text-only posts.

Are these videos just for the homepage? Do they only work as generic introductions to your business? No! Below is an example of converting content from 1 specific page on our website (Testimonials) and making a video.

Niche Video Testimonials Page:

Benefits & Highlights:

  • Niche— This video is designed for 1 aspect of our website: Testimonials. The video tells the story of that particular web page and can be shared on social media.
  • Captivating— For people who don’t like to read long web pages, this video takes the highlights from the page and wraps them together in 1 60-second animation.
  • Shareable— Niche videos can easily be shared on social media to explain the value of one particular aspect of your business.

Video Business Cards:

What if you want yourself or your office to be included in the video? We can do that too! We partner with a specialist who has a professional studio in Knoxville. Alternatively, their team can come to your place of business to shoot. Either way, you’ll get a well-lit, professional video of you talking about your business and what benefits you provide to your customers. Contact information is included on-screen throughout the video. Another benefit of these Video Business Cards is building trust by showing people who you are. They will feel as if they have already met you once you start doing business together! Contact us for examples of these Video Business Cards.


Cost & Quotes:

We can design a traditional 30-60 second animated video (like the ones shown above) for $495.00. Many design studios charge thousands of dollars for custom graphics animation. We can help keep that extra money in your pocket! For our Video Business Cards, contact us directly for a quote based on your needs (location, duration, etc.).

Send us a message through our contact form or call us at (865) 308-2887 for more information!