Web Hosting in Knoxville, TN

We host our websites as part of the monthly Website Management service. Hosting is what makes your website live on the Internet and is absolutely necessary. Part of this service is making sure your website stays live. The websites we host have an average of 99.99% uptime– yes, we monitor this. Our websites even remain live during times of extreme traffic. Frame the Alphabet has over 20,000 visits on certain busy days, and the website continues to operate smoothly. Pioneer Media takes care of both your website’s hosting and the domain name, which is the website address, like www.Pioneer.Media. We also track the website’s traffic, so you know who your visitors are and how much traffic your website gets.


99.99% Average Uptime on Our Servers

Why Host With Pioneer Media?

Domain Name

Custom website URL address (e.g. www.MyBusiness.com)

Email Address

Unlimited professional business email addresses (e.g. contact@pioneer.media)


Maximum Security

Ultra secure data centers, daily site backups, geo-redundancy

Geo Redundancy

Redundant data storage in geographically separate data centers

Daily Backups

Full website and database backup and recovery upon disaster

High Performance

Among the safest and most modern data centers in the world


Average 99.99% uptime, monitored every 5 minutes

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited monthly data transfer and 2 GB RAM guaranteed

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