Beauty Salon & Spa Web Design

With so many choices in the area for a hair salon or beauty spa, how do you make yours stand out? Referrals are a major source of business for local salons. People want to go the same salon as their friend or family to achieve the same results. Once someone hears about your beauty salon, they’ll look up your website. It’s imperative as a salon or spa to have a professional website. The site must also be optimized for mobile devices, since over 50% of the web’s traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets. Your salon’s website should overwhelm the visitor with the multitude of services you offer, photo galleries of your work, and testimonials from current clients.

What to include on a beauty salon & spa website:

  • Testimonials from current clients
  • Clear contact information with a map
  • Ability to order gift certificates online
  • Photo galleries representing the services
  • Extensive list of services (and prices, if desired)
  • Regularly updated special offers, if desired
Beauty Redefined Salon Spa Web Design

Do you own or work at a hair salon or beauty spa? Do you need a website or have one that needs some serious help? We have helped multiple salons over the years and would love to give your salon a website makeover. Call us at (865) 308-2887 for more information.

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