Do You Need Some 4K Drone Footage?

by February 19, 2019

Drone Photography

Drones are the hottest new toys. Praised by consumers and professionals alike, drones have rose exponentially in popularity the past few years. Social media is flooded with phenomenal photography and videos from that coveted bird’s (drone’s) eye view. There is an expansive list of use cases, such as personal photography, media coverage, weather, roofing, industrial, inspecting cell towers, agriculture, engineering, and the list goes on. 

What is the cost of a drone?
The cost varies greatly. An intro-level consumer DJI Spark is $399, while an industrial-level DJI Matrice 600 Pro is $4,999. Clearly, there are many options out there, and you can find the perfect one for your specific needs. Drones for personal use and commercial use are different. Most consumers will be pleased with a DJI drone under $1,000. However, when inspecting hotels and cell towers, contractors and industrial workers might need a top-grade solution.

Where can I buy a drone?
Drones are available in-store (e.g. Best Buy) or online (e.g. Amazon). You can buy directly from the drone manufacture, such as DJI. The website is very well-designed and easy to use.

Are drones easy to use?
No. The learning curve is fairly steep, and you run a high risk of nailing a tree on your first few flights. There are mountains of menus and options to fine-tune your flight and footage. We highly recommend watching YouTube videos on drone piloting and researching drone tips and tricks before testing out your new drone. Otherwise, if you don’t want to fool with all that, just hire a drone pilot! At Pioneer Media, our drones are registered with the FAA, and we are experienced in consumer and professional flights.

What footage has Pioneer Media shot?
Our experience is through both personal and professional use. Check out the photo galleries and video compilations below to see examples of our drone footage.


Pioneer Media Drone Video Compilations

Pioneer Media Drone Photography

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