Is your website “Mobile-Friendly”?

A mobile-friendly website is designed to adapt to tablets and smartphones and fit the content to the specific device, therefore providing the best viewing experience on every device. Mobile websites are easy to read and navigate on small screens. Mobile pages don’t require zooming in, and buttons are effortlessly tappable on mobile-friendly websites.

Google is now penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly.

This means that websites not built for mobile devices won’t be ranked as well when searched for on smartphones.

Q: When did Google do this?
A: This is a recent update by Google and affects millions of small businesses across the country.

Q: Is my website affected?
A: We build mobile websites for most all of our new customers, since it is so imperative lately. However, some older websites might not yet have a mobile site. Ask us and we can run any website through Google’s official “Mobile-Friendly Test.”

Q: How much does a mobile website cost?
A: If not bundled in with the initial one-time website design quote, a standalone mobile site costs about 495.00.

Q: Why is this not included in the monthly Website Service Fee?
A: Building a mobile site is quite an endeavor and requires recoding the entire website’s infrastructure and layout. For that reason, designing a mobile website is a separate one-time labor charge.

Q: How long will it take to make my website mobile-friendly?
A: In under a week we can have a mobile website launched and ready for Google’s approval.

Q: What if I already have a mobile website?
A: Terrific! You are already prepared for this update, and Google is pleased with your website. Your site will theoretically rank better in mobile searches than non-mobile websites, of which there are many in the area. Your website’s visitors have a better User Experience (UX) on your site than your competitors’ non-mobile sites.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions or comments about your website. I hope this announcement has been helpful for you and your business. I am here to help and want both our businesses to succeed.