Why Backup Your Website?

Once websites are live on the Internet, they are supposed to be safe. After all, web hosts boast their security features. But what happens when the websites on their server are insecurely coded? If a site is full of vulnerabilities, the hacker’s job is much easier. WordPress, the largest CMS in the world, is quite insecure in its basic state. It must be secured to harden its defense against hackers and viruses. Even relatively secure websites must be backed up in case of emergency. The server could crash. A DoS (Denial of Service) attack could hit the site. Regardless of the type of attack, a complete backup of all website files and database ensures a quick and easy restoration to the site’s original state.

Is My WordPress Site Secure?

Pioneer Media employs many security tweaks to WordPress to protect the site. Some of the security tweaks include banning fake users, banning hackers and bots, blocking visitors who try repeatedly to access a file that does not exist, closing out the Admin in the middle of the night, brute force protection, hiding the WordPress Admin, removing file write permissions, disabling PHP in upload directories, disabling directory browsing, and much, much more.

Is My Site Backed Up?

Pioneer Media provides a weekly backup service for all the websites under their maintenance service. The backup is routine and stored off the site’s web server (in case the server crashes). In case of disaster, all we have to do is remove all infected files and upload the clean, backed up files to the server. Basically, our clients can rest assured knowing their websites are safe!