Would You Like to Live Chat With Your Customers?

by December 17, 2019

Live Chat

Live chatting is the hottest new communication channel on websites. Are you taking advantage of this technology?

As a consumer, sometimes you don’t want to fill out a contact form and wait 24-48 hours for response. Perhaps sending an email to their contact@ address seems vague. Maybe you want an answer immediately.

In years past, the answer was simple: pick up the phone and call the business. Ask your question directly.

Nowadays, younger customers aren’t as inclined to call a business, especially with the stigma of lengthy wait times, call queues, and call routing menus (“Press 1 for sales. Press 2 for service. Press 3 for an operator”).

The solution? Instant chat. We are referring to the chat button that pops up in the bottom-right corner of a web page. When you click on it, you simply enter your name and start chatting with an operator.

At Pioneer Media, we have the capability to setup this impressive technology. Once we install the chat feature onto your website, you’ll receive a notification whenever somebody wants to chat. If you (or your employees) aren’t available (i.e. Do Not Disturb), the chat message will be sent to your email address.

We can install this for free! We also have a premium option starting at $15/month if you have multiple employees, over 100 chat conversations per month, and other features to scale.

Do you want this feature for your website? We can help.