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About the Design

GlobeSender is a completely custom-scripted, database-driven website. Each section of the website displays user-generated content that is stored in a database. Visitors can easily become members by using the member registration form. Once registered, members can create blog posts, events, white papers, add their business, visit the resource center, and much more. Content is created using a WYSIWYG rich-text editor. Using Google Maps, visitors can see where all the members and creators of blogs, events, businesses, etc. originate from. Each source is plotted on the correct spot on the globe. The website’s content changes constantly. Pioneer Media built this custom website for GlobeSender, LLC.


Client Testimonial

“Leighton, and his company Pioneer Media, have programmed our website. This website is highly interactive. As a result, it has a complexity that is far beyond the typical website – and beyond the capabilities of most programmers. Leighton rose to the challenge and has produced a website of world class proportions. But, the website is not finished. Just as a business is never “finished” neither will the website ever be “finished”. I expect that we will continue to modify the website to meet new challenges and opportunities; and I expect that Leighton will be an integral part of that process.”

-Jerry Bond

Project Details

Location: United States and International

Company Description
GlobeSender is a global company that focuses on connecting the world of business. GlobeSender is available in over 50 languages and allows members to register for free and add business-related content, such as blogs, businesses, job listings, events, and much more. GlobeSender members can create a free virtual business card. Visit GlobeSender to connect to the world and do business globally.

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Pioneer Media is a web design, management and hosting company in Knoxville, Tennessee. We have been around since 2006 and have many happy clients in the area. Check out the rest of our portfolio.

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