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Jim Ford Realtor

About the Design

Jim Ford is a local realtor for the East Tennessee area. He works for Coldwell Banker and recently hired Leighton Smith of Pioneer Media for website hosting and management. Jim’s new domain name, www.JimFord.Realtor, perfectly reflects his business and profession. His new email address, [email protected], complements his new branding and is easy to remember. Pioneer Media provides website and domain hosting, website management, maintenance, security updates, regular backups, analytics tracking, and other web services for Jim Ford.

Project Details

Location: Knoxville, TN

Website: http://www.JimFord.Realtor

Company Description
Jim Ford is a top real estate agent in East Tennessee and works for Coldwell Banker. He is a leading real estate professional due to his unparalleled customer service and motivation.

Skills: Database, Hosting, Management, SEO, Web Design, Website, WordPress

Who Are We?

Pioneer Media is a web design, management and hosting company in Knoxville, Tennessee. We have been around since 2006 and have many happy clients in the area. Check out the rest of our portfolio.

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