Website Ownership Tip #8: Maintenance

by November 28, 2022

If you own a website for your business, here’s a tip. You likely got it designed and developed, or you’re about to, but then what? What happens after the website is complete and it’s ready to go live? That’s where Hosting and Maintenance comes in.


What is website hosting and maintenance?

🚗 We can illustrate this by comparing with purchasing a vehicle. When you buy a new vehicle, is the purchase price the only expense you will incur while using it?

⛽️ Well no, you have maintenance, fuel, gasoline, electricity, insurance. All of these additional items keep your vehicle running at peak performance.

☁️ A website is the same. You need your fuel (your hosting) which gives you a slice of the Internet so people can visit your website.

💻 You also need maintenance, which basically keeps the website running smoothly. See, websites are built on software that continues to evolve. You know how your phone comes out with updates, sometimes for security reasons and sometimes for new features? Well your website is the same. There’s a constant stream of updates to your core software, the plugins, the theme, and all of these need to be applied safely and without breaking your site or taking it offline.


What is the risk of not having website maintenance?

😮 Can you think of the biggest risk of NOT maintaining your website? What is it that makes this such a big deal? First, your website could go offline, but also, it could get hacked! Security vulnerabilities that aren’t taken care of could allow hackers to come in, steal your customer’s data, put viruses on their computer, install ransomware which could be very costly.


How can website maintenance help me avoid site problems?

⚡️ All of this can be avoided by:

  1. Performing regular maintenance on your website.
  2. Having server-level backups, which my server does daily. If something goes wrong, it’s only 1 click to restore to a clean version.



👍🏼 Finally, through my monthly Website Care Service, you also get personal support for your website and the 1st hour of content updates. Basically, with a hosting and maintenance package by a quality webmaster, you can rest assured that your website is in good hands!

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