Website Ownership Tip #3: Email Deliverability

by November 1, 2021

So if you own a website, or you’re a web designer, here’s today’s tip. Do you have a contact form on your website? A reservation form? Order form? Registration form? Those are really important, right?!

So when people fill that out, how do you retrieve the results? Traditionally, the form results are emailed to you.

But is that guaranteed? Or are some of those precious emails going to your spam, or worse, getting rejected?!

That’s where Email Deliverability comes in. Today’s exercise is to test out your contact forms, and if there are any issues, the forms aren’t working, the results are going to spam, there is a checklist of ways to improve your Email Deliverability.

  1. Check the logistics of the form. The FROM, the TO, Headers, etc.
  2. Check the DNS records, specifically SPF, DKIM and DMARC
  3. Integrate a 3rd party email deliverability service like SendGrid or Elastic Email.

Lesson 2m of my Web Design Business Course, the “Advanced Concepts: Email Deliverability” lesson, can walk you through this.

Web forms are so crucial! Today’s tip is to make sure your web forms are working in tip-top shape so you don’t miss out on any potential sales!