Website Ownership Tip #1: Focus on Solutions

by September 1, 2021

“Sell Benefits, Not Facts”

If you are in the advertising and marketing field, or you own a website, here’s today’s tip. When people visit your website, here’s the honest truth: they don’t care so much about who you are as much as they care about their own problems. How does this impact the marketing and development of a website?

Think of the opening tagline for a plumber’s website. If you have a plumbing emergency, which tagline would appeal more to you? “High-Quality Local Plumber” or “We Solve Your Plumbing Emergencies.”

In the 2nd example, we’re shifting the focus away from you (the company) and onto the needs of the customer. They don’t necessarily care so much who you are as they care about getting their sink fixed. That’s the problem they need solved.

So here today’s tip: on your website, or your clients’ websites, identify why people visit the website, what their problem is, and what solution you can offer. Solution-based copy is far more likely to convert than fact-based copy.

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