Website Ownership Tip #4: Hosting Server

by March 30, 2022

Greetings! For today’s tip, I want you to think about the #1 most important part of your website’s performance, and that’s your hosting server. This is the foundation / the infrastructure of your website. If you care about how fast your website loads, this trumps any other performance trick I can offer you. So here’s my exercise for you: Please, pull up your website, and start counting how many seconds it takes to load your homepage.…. Then, come back to this video.


Why Load Time Matters

How many seconds would you consider a “fast” loading website?  Well, according to Google, under 3 seconds is “fast.” But what if you’re a small business, watching expenses, and you don’t need the fastest website? In that case, let’s try to get it under 5. If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, I can almost guarantee you are losing business. Studies show that every extra second of load time potentially causes people to drop off and abandon your website. If this is someone who is not already a customer or client of yours, but might have been of your site loaded quicker, ask yourself: what is the dollar value of that lost business?


Improve Load Time With a Cloud Server Upgrade

Now, let’s take that number and compare it with a hosting upgrade. The high-performance cloud servers I use are exponentially faster and more secure than a cheap, starter hosting plan.

If you want to improve your website’s foundation, upgrade your server, ask me for a quote, and I’d love to consider adding you to my portfolio of lightning-fast cloud servers. Let me help you optimize your business by delivering the fastest website experience possible to your customers!

And, if you’re watching this and own your own web design or marketing business, please, use this pitch to educate your clients, as we work together to speed up small business websites!

If you have any questions about hosting servers, how important they are, how to choose one, which hosting company to select, etc, please contact me. I would love to guide you through this important decision!

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