Is It Time for a Website Refresh?

by August 26, 2022

Website Refresh

​Is your website feeling a bit dated?

Have you kept up with its content but haven’t touched the design in years? If so, you might be interested in a “Website Refresh”! Let’s bring your 5-10 year old design up to 2022 standards.

What does a Website Refresh cost?

Most website refreshes have averaged around $995 — much cheaper than a brand new website! Hiring your current webmaster for the Refresh means lower costs and quicker turnaround time since I’m already familiar with your project.

How does a Website Refresh work?

Essentially, we keep your existing content (because you have probably been keeping up with your content for the most part) but overhaul the headers, footers, typography, etc, using today’s website design trends and standards.

How long does the Website Refresh take?

Most Website Refreshes have taken under 1 week. Since I’m already familiar with your brand, I’ll be a lot more efficient than an agency who spends several consultations getting acquainted with your business.

About the Author

My name is Leighton Smith, an enthusiastic resident of East Tennessee. In business, I wear several metaphorical “hats.” I am Pioneer Media’s website designer, web developer and webmaster. Each is a unique role in the process of creating a website. As a “solopreneur” freelancer, I am self-employed and your one-and-only point-of-contact for your website. I’ve built 100s of websites since learning to code in 2006 and absolutely love what I do. In addition to helping small businesses, I enjoy volunteering, strengthening relationships and traveling the world. Let’s discuss your project to see if we’re a good fit!

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