Is Your Website Scanned for Security Vulnerabilities?

by November 2, 2023

Website Security

Introduction to Website Security

We take website security seriously. Even though we use industry-leading software, the popularity of that software naturally opens it up to attacks.

Developers respond by patching security issues, as well as building out more features for their software. But are all developers on top of this?


What Do Our Security Scans Include?

We regularly scan our clients’ websites against a database of software security vulnerabilities.

These sites are also scanned for files infected with malware.

Next, our sites are scanned against various Web Trust databases:


How Can I Help You?

As a Webmaster, my job is to:

  1. Review these security reports.
  2. Keep your website’s software (WordPress, plugins, themes, etc) up-to-date.
  3. Purge anything outdated or insecure.
  4. Clean any malware that pops up.

As we’ve seen in the news, even the largest corporations get hacked. Security attacks will come, but having several layers of defense and a dedicated Webmaster taking care of your site will keep your website running and generating business for you! Contact me to see if we are a good fit.

About the Author

My name is Leighton Smith, an enthusiastic resident of East Tennessee. In business, I wear several metaphorical “hats.” I am Pioneer Media’s website designer, web developer and webmaster. Each is a unique role in the process of creating a website. As a “solopreneur” freelancer, I am self-employed and your one-and-only point-of-contact for your website. I’ve built 100s of websites since learning to code in 2006 and absolutely love what I do. In addition to helping small businesses, I enjoy volunteering, strengthening relationships and traveling the world. Let’s discuss your project to see if we’re a good fit!

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