Attorney & Legal Services Web Design

For a local attorney to stand out in the competitive legal services market, a high-quality, professional website is a must. No one wants to hire a lawyer who either doesn’t have a website or has an unprofessional one. Therefore, attorneys who strive to dominate their market need to maintain a quality website. One particularly impressive feature of Perry H. Chip Windle III’s Knoxville attorney website is video testimonials. He filmed 6 clients personally relating their experience with Perry’s legal firm. This is an especially marketing tactic because people can connect better with testimonials personally spoken instead of simply written on a web page.

What to include on an attorney website:

  • Explanation of legal services offered
  • Professional headshot of the attorneys
  • Video testimonials from previous clients
  • Up-to-date blog with fresh, quality content
  • Free Consultation forms and clear contact information
Perry H. Windle Attorney Web Design

Are you an attorney in East Tennessee, or do you work for a legal firm? Could your website use an upgrade? We have experience with attorney websites and would love to help your firm out. Please contact Leighton Smith @ (865) 308-2887 or fill out our online contact form.

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