Have You Confirmed Your 2022 Holiday Hours?

by November 21, 2022

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Where Are the Holiday Hours?

On the Google Search and Map results, these are the orange or green “Holiday hours” on the local listings. Below is an example.

Google My Business Holiday Hours

The green “Holiday hours” denotes the listing owner specifically confirmed their hours for that day.

The orange “Hours might differ” denotes the listing owner has not confirmed their hours. The hours listed are their typical hours for that day of the week, but due to the holiday, their “hours may differ”!


Do I Need to Update If My Hours Are the Same?

We still recommend updating your holiday hours, because if you don’t, visitors to your listing will wonder whether or not you are open. The “hours might differ” message could be confusing. What if you are actually open, but they think you are closed and take their business elsewhere? Conversely, what if you are actually closed, but without updating your listing, you are shown as “open” and people show up at your business? How will that reflect on your brand’s reputation?


How Do I Update My Holiday Hours?

The following are step-by-step directions directly from a Google support article.

On your computer, sign in to the Google Account you use to manage your Business Profile.

  1. To find your Business Profile, search on Google for your exact business name. You can also search for my business.
  2. Near the top, click Edit profile and then Business information.
    • Tip: On your desktop, using Google Search, select Edit profile.
  3. Near the top, click the Hours tab.
  4. Under “Business hours,” click Holiday hours.
  5. Select the holiday date.
    • To confirm suggested holidays: Click Review.
    • To set a custom date: Click Add a date. Then, enter the date of the holiday.
    • For dates you already set holiday hours: Scroll to the existing date.
  6. Update your hours.
    • If you’re open for the day: Check the box next to the date. Then, enter times in “Opens at” and “Closes at.”
    • If you’re closed for the day: Uncheck the box next to the date.
    • To add multiple sets of hours for the date: Click More More and then Add hours +. Then, enter the hours.
    • To delete holiday hours:
      • If your business is closed: Next to the holiday, click Delete Trash.
      • If your business is open: Next to the hours, click More More and then Delete Trash.
  7. Click Save.

After your hours are saved, you can find them in the “Hours” tab in your “Business information” under “Holiday hours.”

The following shows the screen you are looking for if you are a local listing owner.

Google My Business Holiday Hours Update


I Am Too Busy To Do This

Leighton Smith at Pioneer Media is ready to help! We manage several listings for our clients. If you need help with your holiday hours, let’s chat before it’s too late!

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