How Does Blogging Help Your Business?

by December 29, 2022


I am a webmaster, and blogging has proven to be very beneficial for my small business clients.

My clients often ask how to improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their website. Ultimately, they are looking for more leads and sales from their website. In addition to tightening up the existing pages by reviewing and optimizing the design and copy, we recommend creating a blog and posting educational articles related to the topics and questions their customers are searching.


How does blogging produce leads?

Many online searches are in the form of a question, and at its core, a search engine connects people with answers. When a professional blog article is expertly written to answer a common question, that blog article could competitively rank in the search engine results, thus driving inbound traffic to our client’s website. When the website is thoughtfully designed with call-to-actions (CTA’s), the reader could ideally land on the blog article, learn the answer to their question, click the CTA (Book Now, Schedule a Call, etc), and produce a lead for the company.


How do I know my blog is being read?

Thanks to the beauty of website analytic data, I can confirm that several of my clients’ #1 inbound traffic source is blogging. In other words, the most popular page on their website might be an old Blog article written years ago that now ranks well in the search engines. We can also drill down into the reports to see that not only does the blog article page receive traffic, but the visitors click around the site and spend time thereafter.


What if I’m not a writer?

Not everyone is an English major nor enjoys writing. If this describes you, we recommend hiring a professional copy writer.

cop·y·writ·er (noun) a person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.

At Pioneer Media, we have teamed up with several professional copywriters who can produce high-quality content that people enjoy reading and sharing. This is especially important from Google’s standpoint. Their latest search algorithms penalize low-quality content. Conversely, they promote content that is easy to read and more likely to be shared.


Therefore, I can conclusively state that blogging is a worthy investment into the success of a website!

About the Author

My name is Leighton Smith, an enthusiastic resident of East Tennessee. In business, I wear several metaphorical “hats.” I am Pioneer Media’s website designer, web developer and webmaster. Each is a unique role in the process of creating a website. As a “solopreneur” freelancer, I am self-employed and your one-and-only point-of-contact for your website. I’ve built 100s of websites since learning to code in 2006 and absolutely love what I do. In addition to helping small businesses, I enjoy volunteering, strengthening relationships and traveling the world. Let’s discuss your project to see if we’re a good fit!

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