How Popular Is Your Website?

The answer is just a few clicks away.
We have access to full reports on your website’s visitors. The Audience section includes:

  • The number of visits and visitors
  • Unique visitors vs returning visitors
  • Where in the world your visitors come from
  • Their operating system and browser
  • Whether the traffic is from a mobile device, tablet, or computer

Also included in the reports is the Acquisition information. Each visit is categorized as from:

  • Referral: someone clicked on a link to go to your website
  • Direct: someone directly typed in your website in their browser
  • Organic Search: someone found you on Google or another search engine
  • Social: someone clicked on a link to your site from Facebook, Twitter, or other social media

Another helpful feature in the reports is the Behavior section. This outlines:

  • What pages on your website have been visited the most
  • How long each page was viewed
  • Whether or not the visitor left the website after viewing the homepage

This data starts being tracked when we start managing your website. If you are interested in checking out these reports, please feel free to contact us for our Knoxville web design services.