Google Chrome Listing Websites Without SSL as “Not Secure”

by May 29, 2018

Chrome Not Secure

Websites without SSL will see that message in Google Chrome starting in July 2018.

Google ChromeYou’ve probably heard of SSL, but weren’t sure you needed it. SSL enables the HTTP Secure (HTTPS) connection of your site. That means it encrypts all data being sent between browsers and servers—and Pioneer Media uses the strongest encryption on the market, so you and your customers stay extra safe.


In July 2018, Google Chrome is making it official.

If your site doesn’t have a security certificate, visitors will see this warning. SSL is not only the right thing to do for them, it’s also great for boosting search rankings and getting more traffic to your site.


Conclusion — What To Do Now

SSL Security ApprovedThe online world is going SSL. They aren’t free, but the price has come down significantly from years past. Instead of hundreds of dollars per year, we can now get you an excellent SSL Certificate for just $75/year. We can also install this to your website as part of our Website Care Service to you. Here are a few features of the superior SSL Certificates we use:

  • 256-Bit SSL Encryption — World-class 256-bit SSL encryption for maximum protection
  • Over 99% Browser Recognition — All major browsers recognize these security standards
  • Lightning-Fast Validation — The digital verification (validation) is accomplished easily online, with no tedious paperwork or forms

Are you interested in obtaining an SSL certificate? Send us a message, and we can set this up for you!

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