What’s the threat?

Websites get hacked every day. Some are much easier to gain access to for malicious purposes than others. Once a hacker is in the site, he can steal data from it or plant a virus. While there are advanced techniques that take down even the largest sites, most hacks are simple and can be prevented with the right coding and tools.

What does Pioneer Media do?

We code custom websites using secure best practices to thwart hackers and malicious access to the site. The security of our WordPress websites is tightened by security tweaks such as banning fake users, banning hackers and bots, blocking visitors who try repeatedly to access a file that does not exist, closing out the Admin in the middle of the night, brute force protection, hiding the WordPress Admin, removing file write permissions, disabling PHP in upload directories, disabling directory browsing, and much, much more.

Is My Site Secure?

Yes! We employ a number of tactics to ensure your site is secure. However, there are no guarantees with online security, but rest assured knowing we are doing our best to keep your site safe. In the case of imminent disaster, we keep a full backup of your website and database.